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Welcome to THE M.A.D. House Artists ! 

Our crafts feature Wizard and Fairie staves, Coifs, Flat caps, Staff accessories and ceramic pieces - bisque and hand built.
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The unveiling of the mosaic on October 10th, 2014 was quite an event - pouring rain and loyal supporters 
Thank every one who helped bring this art to being.

Dennis has been writing music to beat the band. His compositions are online and can be accessed at And Soundcloud.

The fundraiser was successfully funded
- THANK YOU, supporters! - 
Thank you to the many supporters who have given us their vote of confidence!

We are very excited about actually realising this inspired idea.

This pixie was designed by our brilliant daughter and sculpted by Candace as a laniappe for the mosaic. He just needed to be above that door. And speaking of our brilliant daughter, her most recent work can be viewed at her Deviantart pages.

Dennison Winter Lillie

Several PRINTS of this excellent work are offered for sale at The M.A.D. House Artists Gallery 

  Art workshops
In The M.A.D. House Artists Sun Room
will be Dangerous Art from Beach Glass or constructs from recycled and salvaged objects. Clay is flying through the kiln. Lots to do and share. Come join us any Tuesday.

Breathing Classes
Inspired by Candace's studies with Mary Anthony
Breathing & Pilates floor workout (call for times)
in The M.A.D. House Artists Dance Studio
Classes Individually or by the month
Come Dance with me!

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Call and come over! Art around with us and shop our vast collection of BOOKS!
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  IT RAINED !! Seasons without rain have challenged the whole state of Oklahoma...

Welcome precipitation in any form!

Terrace Garden Project

What will happen to 100 old tires on a steep hillside in Oklahoma?


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The M.A.D. House Artists could not be more excited!
We have launched our own exclusive
Online Book Store!!!!

For each of the more than 1,200 books we have listed both at our website,,, IOBA.ORG, and at there are an hundred here that we have not yet had time to list online. Come browse the stacks.

At The M.A.D. House Artists we have been privileged with live performances of short stories. Dennis' readings of Stories is an experience not to be  missed! For years we had the pleasure of hearing a book read in serial form on Sunday afternoons. Join us and enjoy our books and Dad's reading of them.

Member I.O.B.A.


The Sermons of Dr. Robert R. Ball

    At the request of the author, and with great pleasure, we will be presenting Dr. Robert R. Ball's 1970s series of sermons from Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas. At the 2010 Joyful Noise choir  reunion and conference it was a joy to discuss with Dr. Ball the theology approached in this series of sermons and the subsequent effect they have had on the lives of the young people who heard them.

     Each sermon presented in this context comes from copies collected, carried, preserved and studied by TEENAGE congregants, who have incorporated this thinking into their lives (we are currently in our sixties). Dr. Ball wanted to share these for the edification of the new generation and the revivification of the older one.

          Presbyterianism being primarily a volunteer organisation, Mom naturally volunteered for this happy duty. It is an honor to revisit the foundation of Mom's whole philosophy and theological outlook.

 Authority Figures I Have Known

Sermon by

Dr. Robert R. Ball

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Houston, Texas    -    first presented September 26th, 1971.


It's About Relationships, Not Rules

Presented in Austin Texas, July 31st, 2011

PLUS: I have to recommend (!) a 2006 book by Dr. Robert R. Ball,


Maybe This Is What Life Is All About

February (2011-our page)  featured a guest speaker, Bill Carl !


Good Selection of Ready-to-ship Coifs at Etsy !

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