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No one in Mom's family has knowingly thrown anything away since 1635 when the first ones landed on this continent. Some of those things, well, a goodly number of them, are still lying around. This page will feature some of the more unusual ones, and offer some of them for sale.

Antique Quilts:

YoYo Quilt

by Great Grandmother Miller. Both Great Grandma Miller and Great Grandma Kimball were very prolific at needlecraft, both made quilts, tatted, chrocheted, made tea towels, doilies, tablecloths, etcetera.

Six Pointed Stars on a white field


Eight Pointed Stars on a yellow field

Silk Log Cabin Quilt from the 1920's


This photo has been in our house for a long time. The writing on the back states that it was from 'Aunt Jane's husband.' That would be Jane Miller, as her maiden name. It also states that she was 'Marion's aunt.' which might have made Uncle Bob a McNeil. But the note states that this was 'one of Uncle Bob's horses.' I guess Uncle Bob was mighty proud of this one.

There used to be a Horse Shoe, but one of my babysitters stole it when I was little.

Photo is For Sale. Make an offer.

Wedding Ring

By Great Grandma Miller

Diamond Star

Great Grandma Miller's signiture on the Diamond Star quilt

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