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We moved this Curler Caddy and these foot pads from Tulsa to Houston in 1965. We moved them from Houston to Cape Coral in 1983. We moved them NEXT DOOR in 1987. And we moved them BACK to Oklahoma in 1999. After all that time and money invested in this stuff, when Mother moved ON and they were Inherited by Candace, she realised that with this much invested, SOMETHING had to be done with it.  This is the first in the series of artworks created from Grandma's hair curlers and foot pads - so carefully preserved for so many years in so many different locations!


Objects on Styrofoam, With Gesso and Acrylic

2ft X 3 ft, Foot pads, Brush Rollers, Permanent Wave Rollers, Massage Rollers, Bunion Pads, Corn Pads, Hammer Toe Supports, Heel Cushions, Swim Cap Straps, Toe Spacers, Ball of the Foot Cushions...This is the REAL result of the Great Depression: Ruined Feet, Teenagers who wore one pair of shoes for too many years as their feet grew. It is also the result of vanity, Woman with beautiful legs who wore three inch heels all her life, until the metatarsal arches fell, and the feet became useless.

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$75.00 USD Plus Shipping

A very personal work, no chance of duplicating this one, as the composition is made of real objects worn and used by Mother (or Grandma, February 2007 Artist of the Month, as we have been referring to her on the website, for purposes of clarity.)

Here is another work in the same series:

"SPRING" , 2008

by Candace Hibbard Lillie (Mom), The M.A.D. House Artists

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"Spring" in a private collection. 

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