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This is a custom staff for a very lovely Wood Elf, 2014


This is a custom staff with a rainbow theme, 2014

We are offering to custom build for your walking and role-playing pleasure, a cedar staff, bark removed by hand using the pocket knife method. The tops and bottoms have been trimmed down to a more manageable length - Five and a half feet is the maximum that can be shipped through the USPS at any reasonable cost, taller staffs can be picked up from us here in Oklahoma and we welcome visitors to our studios. Candace hand-strips Cedar limbs from our own trees, then they are carefully wrapped with soft leather for ease in your hand. The staves  may be decorated with Bells, Feathers from the M.A.D. House Artists Flock of willing chickens and guineas, Beads, and other decors. We even have some interesting bones from the beach we can throw in for interest. Your custom staff includes basic ornaments permanently attached and woven into the leather wraps, appropriate to the colour scheme selected. At least five removable ornaments are included in the basic price. Additional decorations can be ordered (see below) and we welcome your own items, which you may send and they will all be included in the basic design of your custom staff. If the customer supplied items are to be included on the staff, no additional charge is made to work all of them into the design. Your own items can be shipped to us here, and we welcome the collaboration.

Custom Made WIZARD or Fairie STAFF

The Ultimate Wizard's or Fairie Staff

Custom Staff - Peacock Feather supplied by the customer, 2014

Staves are made of your selected, hand stripped cedar limb, stripped down to the white wood. Wrapped in very soft white, purple or black leather hand grip with coordinated chain or leather laces running toward the top of the staff to accommodate the custom ornaments. Each staff may be decorated with Bells, Feathers from the flock, and many other custom ornaments, including those you send to us from your own collection of special or symbolic trinkets. A Cedar Staff weighs in the 5 lbs. range. USPS Shipping for a staff over five and a half feet can run into ridiculous costs, which is why we have to limit the shipped length of your custom staff to under five ft 6 in.

Email to us with any questions you may have.

colour theme
Notes to Candace:

Please allow six weeks for custom work and shipping.

The M.A.D. House Artists accepts PayPal and personal check, but will ship only after the check clears our bank, allow two weeks if paying by personal check.

We welcome your own favorite decorations to be attached to the staff. Please send them to us when you make your order. Ornaments can be permanently attached or may be prepared to be removable.

Additional 'dangles' can be purchased and are available from our stock, or may be custom ordered at any time.

Below is a breakdown of the additional ornaments that can be purchased to add to the basic ones already included in the cost of the custom staff.

A crystal ball with candace's hand woven net in copper

Candace's Hand stitched Leather leaves. Each one is traced from a real leaf, the veins are stitched by machine, the leaf will be on a double strand of beads that hang from a Lobster Clad fastener or a clip hook, and can be accompanied by a bell or a feather.

This is a crystal supplied by the customer, Woven into a copper net by Candace. We gladly include your ornaments and there is no extra charge for adding them to the design. We encourage your input at every stage of the design and construction process.


Additional ornaments

The M.A.D. House Artists are host to a number of unusual pets. We have fifteen  named chickens, six guineas, two handsome gelded llamas, two dogs, six neutered & spayed cats, 12 goldfish & koi, Soup the turtle, two Button Quail,  two newts (John Cleese and Isaac Newton), and two Brine Shrimp.

Watch for the "Cute Furry/Feathered Creature of the Month"


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