The M.A.D. House Artists (Mom And Dad)

Grand Lake Artistic Chaos Foundation

WIND TAI JU KAN DO, Master Baptiste System

Kenrick Elton Baptiste, Sensei and Founder

1983 Dojo Patch (embroidered by Mom for everyone at the Dojo...)

and Mater Baptiste himself, 2007

The Entrance to the Dojo, 2007

2007 Thunderbird Martial Arts Dojo in Jersey City

Master Baptiste and Student, 2007 awards Ceremony at the Dojo.

Manny, Mom and company, 1983, Thunderbirds Martial Arts


This is Mom And Kenrick Elton Baptiste, the founder and Sensei for Wind Tai Ju Kan Do, Trinidad Martial Arts. She made these costumes, that is Mom in the pink one. That suit Master Baptiste is wearing is fabulous, with taffeta insets in the jacket, and hand-made taffeta Bow Tie. In combat no one could ever get near Master, his inseam is 36 inches, and by the time one was close enough to see the whites of his eyes he had knocked you across the room with his foot. Note that mom is holding onto the first knuckle of one finger of the deadly right hand...A formidable foe, and a great instructor....And he can cook! Look for some of Kenny's recipes on the International Cooking page.

That was 1983. Master Baptiste and Mom appeared many times dancing in SoKa/ Calypso, Disco, and Martial Arts demonstrtations. Mom made the costumes, and Kenny made the bookings. It was alot of fun!

Mom had quite the attitude in wonder Kimball likes to dress...

Students with Master Baptiste receive a very well rounded and prepared course of study in the Martial Arts. Wind Tai Ju Kan Do is an amalgam of several styles, Karate, Judo, Thai Boxing, and Master Baptiste's own style. Here the 2007 students are working out with an heavy bag.?h3>


Time for TRINIDAD and SOCA !

There is only one rule for Soca dancing:

MOVE EVERYTHING- just not at the same time or in the same direction. Keep your feet moving and your hands in the air! Get off your chair and DANCE!

Here is a link to the webpage of the man who taught me everything i know about cCaribbean dancing, Master Baptiste! Turn on his playlist, get off your chair, and MOVE IT!


KING CAKE!                      Follow this link to the recipe!

To contact Master Baptiste for Days and Hours of Classes:

917 302-0869

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