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Prince Lev Constantinivich Tagayev III            

Nevada Civic Light Opera:

Winner of National awards from the American Association of Poetry for his poem, "Christmas" and from Who's Who In American Poetry for his body of work including his self-published volume, My Lev Life.

Lev is an old friend of Mom's. New York City is a great place to meet interesting people, and Mr. Tagayev is a very interesting person. The website for the Tahoe Arts and Nevada Civic Light Opera are full of current events and achievements. Lev and his wife, Susane are the directors of a very active and successful theatre company in Carson City Nevada. But when MOM met Lev he was touring nationally with Children's theatre. Upon his return to New York, Mr. Tagayev became friends with Bhaskar's company of dancers and with Bhaskar (who had recently been injured in a fall and was paralized from the waist down) and Mark LaRoche, and Lev took over the arduous task of promoting the straggling company of American dancers who were so good at performing Bhaskar's Indian Dance. Lev put us into many different venues in New York, and always the program read: Company Manager- Lev Tagayev, Program- Lev Tagayev, Lighting Design- Lev Tagayev, Stage Manager- Lev Tagayev, House Manager- Lev Tagayev, Advertising- Lev Tagayev...A real renaissance man in the theatre. A real renaissance man anywhere. Aquarians are like that, yes they are.

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