Our location on Grand Lake of the Cherokees is wonderful! Mom grew up coming to this spot, and hopes to have her ashes scattered here (well, not in the near future, but you get the picture...)

Please call and come over if you are traveling in Northeast Oklahoma, drop in for the Dances or Classes as our guest. Listen to one of Dad's wonderful readings, complete with all the voices, second to none, just pick a book from the Library and sit on the dock and read, or dress-up in a costume and be someone else altogether...

The M.A.D. House Artists (Mom And Dad)

Grand Lake Artistic Chaos Foundation


The M.A.D. House Artists is proud to announce the successful funding of a project under the auspices of AIM Hatchfund!

Candace has finished mounting this large scale mosaic mural

on the unfinished wall that faces our handicap walk/stairs.

With YOUR help, this dream has become a reality.



Hope all those fishermen can read it at night!

November 12, 2009 'Speak Friend and Enter' Cup, wet clay stage

New work after first firing, November 23, 2009

Brownie cup painted with glaze, ready for the second firing, December 6, 2009

Click to go to Mom's other artwork page for more images

Cup January 12, 2010      by Candace Hibbard Lillie

Rough work, still wet.

Tomorrow will see polishing and more drying

Then we'll take it for firing next week.

followed by glazing a week or so later.


copyright Candace Hibbard Lillie 2007-8

This is something mom was playing with winter of 2006-7. These are all the foot pads and hair curlers Esther K. Hibbard bequeathed to us. Now what on earth would someone want with a bunch of used foot cushions and hair curlers? We moved them from Tulsa to Houston in 1965, from Houston to Cape Coral in 1983, and from Cape Coral back to Grand Lake, Oklahoma in 1999, and they had been sitting around asking that question for about eight years. This past winter, Mom decided that something had to give with all this storage, so she stuck them on the styrofoam with the hair pins and some glue, gessoed the whole thing, and painted it.

This work is for sale through PayPal on this link.

One of Mom's (and anyone else unfortunate enough to wander in)

on-going art projects is Christmas Parade Float

In 2007 and 2008 the theme was our book sales, and the books on the float are huge and lighted for the night time parades.

Our M.A.D. House Artists Sign-To-Go enhanced for Christmas...


And, of course, The Shire for Dad's Readings

Here is the right side of the float, The Llamas are behind the car and trailer, but they walked beside the bookshelf in the parade at Ketchum this year.

Mink and Santa...

And below are the lighted 'books' from the left side of the trailer.

The books on the right side of the trailer,

There may be an underlying theme in the titles, here.

The books on the right side at night

Dad and The Llamas loafing after the parade

Lighted books.

The Llamas participated in two parades winter 2008-2009. Mom simplified the float due to some limitations with the dedicated personnel, but the Llamas always look forward to the parades. They were in the lighted night-time parade in Ketchum , Oklahoma at 6:00 P.M. Sunday , December 7th. And as a great ending to the parade season, they marched in the same parade as Mink and the Jay High School Band, Saturday, December 13th, at 2:00 P.M. WHEW! Great exercise for Mom, who walks beside Charle in each parade. It takes someone younger and MUCH more energetic to walk with Magical Flag. Pictured below is the 2001 parade in Vinita, Oklahoma, with a Victorian theme, and underneath that image, another parade, the same year, with competely different theme, personnel, and costumes.

Here we were, years ago in 2001, with our scouts and several older friends in the Dam Parade across the mile and 1/4 Grand River Dam. That handsome Mexican is Dad, the DevaDasi is Mom, the Arabian contingent is Robert Leigh, with Little Dutch Girl, Cherokee in the cart and her sister Frankie Smith walking beside the llama cart. All grown up now. (Or in the case of Dad and Mom, OLD!) and Sir Charle has gone all salt and pepper... We always have alot of fun with the crowds and the Llamas!

(click on the word Llamas to go to their pages)

Our 2005 Jay, Oklahoma, Christmas Parade Float...and loyal friends who make it all happen! We were representing the Llama Moms of Delaware County Red Hat Chapter in this particular parade. The girls were grateful for the helping hands of some of our gentlemen friends.


This is the sexiest pot Mom could fashion in the 1971 Westchester High School art class.

The one on the right grew out of a project assigned in the same  Westchester High School Art department in Houston, Texas. Mom is rather fond of the little guys falling down around the central figure. We will be working on interesting problems like this one in our Tuesday Art Workshops. This was achieved by dipping cloth in gesso and attaching it to the board with swirls and swooshes before starting to paint . . . Loved that teacher. . . Looks like a Red Fiend.



Candace Gay Hibbard Lillie (better known as Mom...)

November 29, 2007

Mom was just finishing a fantastic day as guest artist to the Jay Middle School Sixth Grade Social Studies Classes. They were a great audience, and Mom had fun, too, performing Allaripu (that's a dance in the Bharatha Natyan style from the southern part of India) hourly all day and sharing what little she knows about India with the students.

As Mehitabel was fond of saying,

"there's a dance in the old dame yet, little archy"

Eclectic does not begin to describe the chaotic output of this artist...

Click here to go to BHASKAR'S page and read more about MOM's dance Guru and friend. The link to the Gowne also goes to Bhaskar's page, but you have to scroll down. If you are interested in buying the gowne, contact Mom at zelda@grand.net

Dance with Mom, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday:

Mom is a PRINCE fan, principally because he resembles her firstborn. Be prepared to dance to Prince's music if you come to Mom's classes. Mom recently found her High Energy tape and the Long Range workout from Wind Tai Ju Kan Do Martial Arts, Master Baptiste. Forget Tuesday and Saturday, Mom and Mink are at the studio Monday, Wednesday evenings and Saturday at 11:00 A.M. toning and rearranging... After the breathing and relaxation portion of the class, we really get up and get down.

There is no end to the variety and randomness of the work produced here.

This is Mom

Well, not NOW..........that was 1983.

And Kenrick Elton Baptiste, the founder and Sensei for Wind Tai Ju Kan Do Martial Arts from Trinidad.

Mom made these costumes...

Here is a 2005 Collage from Mom, currently in the K.L. Hibbard Collection:

Collage, November 2005.

Click for the latest in this series, another in progress.

The Atrium Garden Pond Mosaic, 1999, was one of Mom's projects, design and execution. The fish are delightful. All from either bait fish or small feeder fish, carefully chosen. When all else fails, sitting beside them is a very calming experience. Drop by and say hello to Bob, Freckles, and the others. Yertle and the Teeny Turtle live by the side of the pond. Currently we do not have nearly so many fishes in the pond, but one was recently added - October 2017 - We'll see how Goldie likes it here.

Kimball's first Christmas away from home found him with limited space and no Christmas Tree,

so Mom filled the need

with a six-inch Tree-in-a-Box. Each ornament applied by hand, one-at-a-time...

(Note the tiny Cresche at the foot of the tree.)

There have been a number of recycled notebooks lately with Dragons and Fairies, and these may be commissioned for $19.95 plus postage.

The Shire, Wood Burning 2005

This design is available on Shire Fairy T-Shirts in black and green.

Hand Screened in one- and two-color process

Green on Black, or a limited number of rare Brown and Ivory Shirts.

Mink, modeling one of Mom's Shire Fairie Shirts

2008: two composite sculptures

from dumpster diving and an outdoor lamp globes:

The figures on the globe are all the trophies that the girls' league was unable to award for what ever reasons-

-- it seemed like too many unfulfilled promises, to Mom.

Also visible: fabulous bug traps, Aliene's necklaces, and two horned hats Mom designed for a production of Das BarB Que. The brightly colored screen in the background is an example of multi-colored tissue paper applied to a five-section screen. Came out well, don't you think?

One Work In Progress:

Melanie's Fairy, a work in progress.

2008, update on the progress of the wings.

(Hair and garments next)

Below is a recreation of a 1972 painting. The original was Mom's first sale, at $50 to Carolyn and Bill Holland, in Houston, and it hung on the wall of their Oil company office for years. But when Mom recently asked if she could have a photo of the work, Carolyn wrote that it had been lost. So, not one to be discouraged, Mom painted another. Photographed here, at the 2008 Huckleberry Festival (hence the overlapping of leaves from the hanging basket into the picture.)

This Painting is also for sale, no inflation, at the same 1972 price of $50.00.

"Why should I ache for you

Because a moon has turned the world

to silver fantasy?"

Birds for Dennis, 1992

A pointellistic technique with a Rapidograph adding the dots one at a time. Mom likes it...she is a tedious person anyway.

Every time you drop in on the site, look at a book , or bid on an item at ebay you are making The M.A.D. House Artists just that much more of a reality, and we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your support.

Here is another of Mom's designs available at our ebay store or You may custom order this evening wrap in your choice of fabric.

(It just takes three yards, and $35.00.)

Be sure to drop in and visit our online book store


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