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 HEIRLOOM TOMATOES, Langley, Oklahoma

                                                                      Image by Mink

Artist of the month of June, 2008, is Hjordis Vanover; gardener, character, grower of Heirloom Tomatoes and many varieties of Bell and Hot Peppers. Besides being a great source of information on the proper cultivation of plants, she has many interesting stories about her career with her family's acrobatic act and wing-walking.

Contact Hjordis, 918 253-4405, for ready-to-plant heirloom tomatoes, Bell Peppers, and Hot Peppers, as well as herbs and flowers. Among other varieties of Heirloom Tomatos, Hjordis sells Stupice, Anna Russian, Aunt Ruby's German Gold, and Kellogg's Breakfast.

In 2009 Hjordis has some fabulous offerings,

and it is not too late in the season to enjoy Eggplant,

Basil of every description,

Heirloom tomato plants,

Heirloom Sweet or Hot Pepper Plants

(ICELANDER is a very unusual Ice Blue variety of sweet pepper, and those hot peppers come in every degree from 'interesting' to 'HELP!'),

and last, but not least, Hjordis herself is a gem beyond price, able to help you plan your garden for a successful season with her vast knowledge of the art of gardening.

918 253-4405 in Oklahoma

Here is Hjordis' Prescription for the BEST results from your Tomato Plants:
Buy the plants about 8" tall.
Prepare by making a generous mixture of 50/50 epsom salts and sugar in one mixing bowl, and in a gallon milk jug, mix a quarter cup of Fish Emulsion with water.
Prepare your LARGEST tubs, one for each tomato plant.
Dig your hole a little bit horizontally, because you are going to lay the plant in on its side, pulling off the lower leaves, and leaving the top four above ground. This will establish one heck of a root system.
When the hole is dug, sprinkle about half a cup of the epsom salts/sugar along the bottom of the hole,
Bury your tomato up to its ears, and water in with the fish emulsion/water mixture.
Water daily.
Give full sun.
Use the Fish Emulsion once a week.

(Miracle Grow will give you Tomato trees the size of the mighty oak with NO flowers)
But don't take my word for it,
Call her at 918 253-4405 for her wise and generous help!

This little Swedish/American lady was a wing walker...toured the world with her family in an acrobatic act, and finally married one of the old boys here in Delaware county, Sam Vanover. He died before her eyes from a heat stroke a few years ago. She has always shown me generosity and love, and good solid gardening advice. Some times i stay for days at a time, helping her in the fields, and sometimes it is about five minutes. But MAN can she grow and can she cook! And her stories ... ! She makes her own Paprika and a lot of other things, as well. And SHARES with you. Like Bhaskar, Hjordis Vanover is impossibly generous with her acquired knowledge. A lot like Bhaskar.

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