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The Genius of Haines Champlin Hibbard

(part of it was marrying her...)


The Genius of Haines Champlin Hibbard

Scientist, Soldier, Daddy, Renaissance man...

First Kick Amplifier for the first signal from a seismic event.

Ralph Fessenden Award for the work in inventing the First Kick Amplifier

The irony is that when Haines was earning his PhD, his thesis was written about the work he was currently engaged in at the Carter Oil Company in Tulsa. They were developing a device to amplify the first seismic waves that came to the recording device from the seismic explosion in the course of oil exploration. The problem arose just before the paper was to be presented, when the Oil company classified the project and refused to allow the thesis paper to be presented. Years and years later the Society for Geophysical Engineers presented Haines with this award, national recognition for the work, but still no PhD...

Inventor, Story-teller, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Artist is probably the last word Haines C Hibbard would have used to describe himself. Electrical Engineer, Geophysicist, Commander of a Power squadron, a Presbyterian, a husband, father, grandfather, perhaps. But he would have told you that he left the art to the rest of us. Haines' meticulous notes and diagrams, and his research methods were so valuable to the University of Wyoming, that they asked for his notes and papers while he was still living. One of the highest compliments Esther ever paid to Mom was one night when she said, "You have your father's hands." Hands that could fix a deisel engine or repair a microcircuit. A mind that found binary computer programming more understandable than Dos.

H C Hibbard and Candace, 1954

(that is Candace on the right, in the 'Kiddie Coop'. Esther is at the Tulsa Little Theatre, at a play rehearsal.

This may have been the night he pinned the diaper to her and couldn't figure out why she wouldn't stop crying...)

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