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Crystal: Poetry

Mom is justifiably proud of that leather corset she made for Mink.

to the Castle

Shopping at The Halloween Castle

Senior Scouts go Halloween

Really, Mom did everything she could think of,

but she just could not cover the green...

What a scout leader!


Restless, waiting

The path is daunting

I want to move

But I'm not ready

It's killing me

I want to be there

In the driver's seat

Commanding, steering

Still it's not time

And i have years ahead of me

The wait is maddening

I want to be there now

Being suitably profound

I want to do the unthinkable

To love one forever

Be God's truest daughter

Chaste to the day

Pure to the core

I'm all this and more

But I'm not able yet

To conquer the world

I'm not there yet

It's so hard to wait

To feel like I hesitate

But I'll stay my hand

And wait for Your plan

Copyright 2010 Crystal Brock

All rights reserved

May 12th, 2010: Crystal turns Sweet Sixteen.

Don't Try This At Home...

Xena - by Mink

This artist celebrates her birthday in November, and has demanded the honor of being perpetual November Artist of the Month. No objections. The drawings and Photography of this young artist are phenomenal. Her M.A.D. House Artists page will link you also to her own page at DeviantArt. She has been 'writing' whole books since she was able to put colored pencil to paper. No crayons for this one...fully illustrated volumes with story lines...creating her own characters with fully developed character and plot lines. The camera was apparently a good choice from Santa last year, as the nature photography is only improving with time.

Link to Mink

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