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Halloween 2009

The kiss of the witch.

Waiting for the fright.

And waiting...

Not your everyday, average Scout leader...As always, extraordinary.

Dream Catcher #1, built on a 7 1/2 " ring, 14" overall when hanging. This one will catch your dreams in the trap in the center.

$20.00, plus shipping and handling.

This is a Nightmare protector, The Bead in the center prevents the bad dreams from sneaking into your sleep. 7 1/2" ring, 15" overall when hanging.

$17.50, plus shipping and handling.

This Dream Catcher is woven into a Fairy Staff belonging to Mink. Mom and Kacie have collaborated on Wizard and Fairy staves, with and without dream catchers, wrapped with leather handle and decorated with hanging beads, bells, and feathers.

Custom Wizard and Fairy Staves may be ordered through the website: $35.00 each plus shipping

This is a feather ornament to attach to your own Walking staff. The bead and feather portion is 11" from the alligator clip to the end of the feather.

$6.00, plus shipping and handling.

The Renaissance Faire in Muskogee saw a fair contingent from The M.A.D. House Artists Sunday, May 16th 2009:

And our Scout leader met us there....

The Girl Scouts get to be more fun every year!

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