The M.A.D. House Artists (Mom And Dad)

Grand Lake Artistic Chaos Foundation

Our Guest merchant, and Fellow Llama mom:


Antiques, Silver Pieces, Contemporary Art, Decorator Accessories, Llamas, Etcetera

Soon Da-Vin-Dove Llama Ranch will be opening a bricks-and-mortar antique boutique to downsize the estate.

Beautiful Silver serving pieces, Civil War Antiques,

Original Water colors by Award-Winning Oklahoma Artist, Francis Vincent Davis, now deceased,

and many other interesting items.

Please CALL Sydney, at 918 253-8555 for more information on these fascinating artifacts and Works of art.  CALL FOR DIRECTIONS.

See the Handsome Llamas below that have been offered for sale on the Da-Vin-Dove Llama Farm Web Page. Every year new llamas are born and the offerings change with their growing.

Da-Vin-Dove is a separate and unique llama farm located in another beautiful corner of Delaware County, Oklahoma. CALL FOR DIRECTIONS.


Lagnappe and Washaby

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